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Solutions with a Superior Value Proposition

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To be a leader in providing clean recycled water to industries while taking the operational burden of sourcing and moving wastewater.


To provide solutions to removing and recycling heavy metals from waste water and in doing so achieve a zero waste solution.

Through its innovative CabrAl™ technology, will derive sustainable resources in scarcity and produce clean fuels from organic materials.

Cabral Technologies’ systems and processes utilize CO2 from the atmosphere (passive) as well as CO2 sourced from industrial chemical plants (active) which contributes to the lowering of carbon dioxide in the environment.


Cabral Technologies’ Aqua Systems ™ portability provides an efficient way of mobility with the flexibility of increasing scale without the burden of cost, environmental hazards, and space.


Cabral Technologies will perform its’ ‘organic’ recycling process achieving zero waste.




Advantages: Closed System

No Fouling

Less Space

Scalable Multiplier

Modern & Efficient

No Exposure to hazardous materials

Zero Waste



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